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Hub Quests are the multiplayer quests in Monster Hunter Rise, accepted in the Gathering Hub of Kamura Village. Though the story begins with Village Key Quests, it continues with Gathering Hub Key Quests. Your Hub Quest progression is also directly tied to your Hunter Rank - and is the only way to reach High Rank quests.

Hub Quests are accepted at the Quest Counter in the Gathering Hub of Kamura Village. These are tuned for multiplayer hunts, though the difficulty adjusts dynamically based on how many hunters are on the quest.

How to Progress in the Gathering Hub

To unlock the next star rank of Hub Quests, complete the specified number of Key Quests in your current rank, and then the Urgent Quest.


You can skip all low-rank Hub Quests, including 1, 2, and 3-Star Hub Key Quests, by completing Special License Tests in the Village Hub. See How to Skip All Low-Rank Hub Quests.

Low Rank Hub Quests

Low Rank Quests are all Hub Quests between One and Three-Stars, and all Village Quests.

One Star Key Hub Key Quests

Complete 4 of the Following to unlock the Two-Star Urgent Quest. This list is arranged in suggested order, from easiest to most difficult.

1-Star Hub Key Quests
Quest Name Type Goal Location
Jumped in the Frost Islands Key Quest Hunt a Great Izuchi
Tired and Feathered Key Quest Hunt a Kulu-Ya-ku
No Cure for the Common BaggiKey QuestHunt a Great Baggi
Shady Monster Key Quest Hunt an Aknosom Shrine Ruins
A Snowball’s Chance… Key Quest Hunt a Lagombi
Wroggi Place, Wroggi Time Key Quest Hunt a Great Wroggi

Two Star Urgent Quest: Dead Ringer

Hunt a Tetranadon.

Two Star Key Hub Quests

Choose five of the following quests.

See Two Star Hub Quests for all Two Star Hub Quests, including optional quests that may unlock new features.

Quest Name Type Goal Notes
I Want Off This Ride Key Quest Hunt a Bishaten
Way of the Pukei Key Quest Hunt a Pukei-Pukei
The Flooding Flooded Forest Key Quest Hunt a Royal Ludroth
So Muddy Hardheaded! Key Quest Hunt a Barroth
A Pale Shadow Key Quest Hunt a Khezu
Reinventing the Wheel Key Quest Hunt a Volvidon
The Path to Royalty Key Quest Hunt a Rathian


Three Star Urgent Quest: Hellfire

Hunt a Magnamalo

Three Star Key Hub Quests

Choose six of the following.

See Three Star Hub Quests for all One Star Hub Quests, including optional quests that may unlock new features.

Quest Name Type Goal Notes
Beckoning Slumber Key Quest Hunt a Somnacanth
The Blizzard Blender Key Quest Hunt a Goss Harag
Zigzagging Zapper Key Quest Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi
Down ‘n’ Dirty Key Quest Hunt an Almudron
Bully of the Caverns Key Quest Hunt an Anjanath
Twilit Twin Stars Key Quest Hunt a Nargacuga
My Muse the Mizutsune Key Quest Hunt a Mizutsune
Champion of the CavernsKey QuestHunt a Rathalos
Wavering Moon and ThunderKey QuestHunt a Zinogre
White Knight vs. HunterKey QuestHunt a Barioth
A Friend in NeedKey QuestHunt a Tigrex
A Few Bumps Along the WayKey QuestHunt a Diablos

four Star Urgent Quest: The Blue apex

Hunt Apex Arzuros in a Rampage quest. Watch the video above for advice on how to conquer Rampage Quests!

High Rank Hub Quests

Unlocking High Rank unlocks a number of new features in Monster Hunter Rise, including a quest for a new submarine slot at the Argosy, Decoration forging, Armor Pigment, the ability to purchase Armorcharm and Powercharm at the merchant (recommended), and more.


Four Star Key Hub Quests

  • Four Star Hub Quests
Quest Name Type Goal Notes
Didn't Get the Memo Key QuestHunt a Great Baggi
Divine Comedy Key QuestHunt an Arzuros and Kulu-Ya-Ku
The Swirling Gale Key QuestGreat Izuchi
Night of the Khezu Key QuestKhezu
Even Cute Things Have Fangs Key QuestLagombi
The Frost Islands Arena Key QuestTetranadon
Dancing A-purr-ition Key QuestAknosom

Five Star Urgent Quest: The Restless swamp

Hunt a Jyuratodus

Five Star Key Hub Quests

  • Five Star Hub Quests
Quest Name Type Goal Notes
Charmed by a Queen Key QuestRathian
Miner Problem Key QuestBasarios
Go Away, Pukei! Key QuestPukei-Pukei
Rotten Fruit Key QuestBishaten
Bowled Over Key QuestVolvidon
Rise Above the Mud Key QuestBarroth
Foul Play in the Forest Key QuestRoyal Ludroth

Six Star Urgent Quest: A Bewitching Dance

Hunt a Mizutsune

Six Star Key Hub Quests

  • Six Star Hub Quests


After completing a few 6-Star Key Quests, you will unlock another Six Star Urgent Quest: Serpent God of Wind in which you're tasked to repel Ibushi during a Rampage Quest.

Quest Name Type Goal Notes
Red Skies at Night Key QuestRathalos
The Abyss Stares Back Key QuestNargacuga
Closer Than it Appears Key QuestAnjanath
Skies are Gray Key QuestTobi-Kadachi
Sharpening Amber Fangs Key QuestBarioth
A Somniferous Elegy Key QuestSomnacanth
Skies Flash, Clouds Boom Key QuestZinogre

Seven Star Urgent Quest: can't kill it with fire

Hunt a Rakna-Kadaki

Seven Star Key Hub Quests

  • Seven Star Hub Quests
Quest Name Type Goal Notes
Evil Afoot Key QuestRajang
A Resounding Roar Key QuestTigrex
Subterranean Disturbances Key QuestDiablos
A Muddy Invitation Key QuestAlmudron
Clad in Hellfire Key QuestMagnamalo
It's Gonna Get You! Key QuestGoss Harag

Seven Star Urgent Quest: Serpent goddess of thunder

Hunt Thunder Serpent Narwa

The story will continue with free DLC and updates for Monster Hunter Rise at a later date, starting with one at the end of April, 2021.

End Game Key Quests

After defeating Thunder Serpent Narwa, your Hunter Rank will become "unlocked". Continue raising it to unlock additional Urgent Quests. Complete these Urgent Quests to increase your HR even more.


Quest Name Type GoalHR Required
Ancient IllusionUrgent QuestChameleosHR 20
The Steely Storm Urgent QuestKushala DaoraHR 30
The Emperor of Flame Urgent QuestTeostraHR 40
The Allmother Urgent QuestWind Serpent Ibushi and Narwa the AllmotherHR 50
The Crimson Glow Urgent QuestCrimson Glow ValstraxHR 100

Monster Hunter Rise Post Game

Besides those urgent quests, there is more to do in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Face Apex Monsters in Rampage Quests in order to unlock their 7-Star Hunt Quests.
  • Complete Event Quests to unlock additional layered armor, stickers, gestures, and more. Accept and download the Event Quests by talking to Senri the Mailman.
  • Face extremely difficult foes through Event Quests. Event Quests with "Emergency" in the title are some of the most difficult hunts in the game, along with the Magnamalo quest, Blazin' Soul of a Warrior.
  • Take on the challenge of learning a new Weapon!

In Summer 2022, the "massive expansion" Sunbreak will be released. With it, a whole new list of story quests, monsters, and more.

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