Motorcycle Clubs | Ultimate Guide (2024)

What Is A Motorcycle Club?

A motorcycle club is a group of motorcycle riders who join together for camaraderie, riding, and other activities.

Clubs are typically organized around a brand or type of motorcycle, such as Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, or Yamaha, but some clubs are devoted to specific motorcycle models.

For example, there are clubs for owners of Triumph motorcycles and clubs for those who ride Vespa scooters.

Motorcycle clubs vary widely in their activities and membership requirements.

Some clubs are family-oriented and organize group rides and picnics, while others are focused on more adventurous activities, such as motorcycle racing or stunt riding.

Motorcycle clubs can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to choose the right club for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Clubs?

There are many different types of motorcycle clubs, each with their own focus and activities.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle clubs are the most common type of club.

These clubs typically organize group rides and events for Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners.

Many Harley-Davidson motorcycle clubs are family-friendly and open to riders of all skill levels.

There are also motorcycle clubs that focus on specific motorcycle models, such as Triumph motorcycles or Vespa scooters.

These clubs often host events that allow members to show off their bikes and meet other enthusiasts.

Some motorcycle clubs are devoted to racing or stunt riding.

These clubs typically require members to have experience riding motorcycles and may have strict membership requirements.

How Do I Join A Motorcycle Club?

The best way to find a motorcycle club that’s right for you is to talk to other motorcycle riders.

Ask around at your local motorcycle shop or motorcycle events.

You can also search online for motorcycle clubs in your area.

Once you’ve found a club that interests you, reach out to the club’s president or another officer to learn more about membership requirements and activities.

Most clubs will require you to attend a few meetings or events before you’re officially accepted as a member.

Does It Cost Anything To Join A Motorcycle Club?

Some motorcycle clubs may have membership fees, but most do not.

However, you may be required to pay dues to cover the costs of club activities, such as group rides or picnics.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Motorcycle Club?

Joining a motorcycle club can be a great way to meet new people and make friends who share your passion for riding.

Motorcycle clubs also offer a sense of community and support, which can be helpful if you’re new to motorcycle riding.

In addition, many motorcycle clubs offer discounts on motorcycle gear and accessories.

Some clubs also sponsor racing teams or offer stunt riding lessons.

What Are The Risks Of Joining A Motorcycle Club?

Before joining any club, it’s important to do your research.

Some motorcycle clubs engage in illegal activities, such as drug dealing or trafficking. Others may be involved in motorcycle gangs.

If you join a club that’s involved in these activities, you could face legal consequences.

It’s also important to be aware of the risks of motorcycle riding before joining a motorcycle club.

Motorcycle riding can be dangerous, and accidents often result in serious injuries or death.

If you’re not comfortable with the risks of motorcycle riding, you may want to reconsider joining a motorcycle club.

What Are The Rules Of A Motorcycle Club?

Each motorcycle club has its own set of rules, but there are some general guidelines that all clubs follow.

Most motorcycle clubs require members to own a motorcycle. There may also be restrictions on the type of motorcycle you can ride.

For example, some clubs only allow members to ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

All motorcycle clubs have strict rules about alcohol and drug use. Most clubs prohibit members from drinking alcohol or using drugs before or during club activities.

Most motorcycle clubs also have rules about fighting and violence. Clubs typically have a zero-tolerance policy for fighting and will eject members who engage in violence.

Motorcycle Club Culture

Motorcycle clubs often have their own unique culture and traditions.

For example, many motorcycle clubs use hand signals to communicate while riding.

Motorcycle club members also often wear patches or colors that represent the club.

Many motorcycle clubs have a strict hierarchy, and members are expected to follow the orders of their leaders.

Clubs may also have rituals or initiations that new members must complete before they’re accepted into the club.

The culture of motorcycle clubs can vary widely, so it’s important to do your research before joining a club.

You should make sure you’re comfortable with the club’s culture and traditions before you join.

What Is The History Of Motorcycle Clubs?

The first motorcycle club was founded in San Francisco in 1898.

The club, known as the Outlaw Motorcycle Club, was formed by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who wanted to ride together and explore the country.

The first motorcycle clubs were mostly social organizations.

However, some clubs, such as the Hells Angels, became involved in criminal activities.

In the 1950s, the popularity of motorcycle clubs began to decline.

This was due in part to the advent of the automobile and the increasing popularity of television.

However, motorcycle clubs experienced a resurgence in the early 2000s, thanks in part to the popularity of reality TV shows like Sons of Anarchy.

Today, there are thousands of motorcycle clubs around the world, with new clubs forming every year.

Popular Motorcycle Clubs

Some popular motorcycle clubs include the Harley Owners Group (HOG), which is sponsored by the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company. HOG has over one million members worldwide.

Other well-known motorcycle clubs include the motorcycle clubs affiliated with the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. These clubs are open to active duty and retired military personnel.

Some well-known military motorcycle clubs include the Army Motorcycle Club, the Navy motorcycle Club, and the Marine Corps motorcycle Club.

There are also many motorcycle clubs for women, such as Women on Wheels and Sisters in Spirit. These clubs provide a supportive environment for female motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Clubs | Ultimate Guide (2024)


What does 22 mean for bikers? ›

Page 34. Popular Biker Terms. 22 = A member who has done prison time.

Who are the big 5 motorcycle clubs? ›

The Hells Angels, Mongols, Bandidos, Outlaws, and Sons of Silence pose a serious national domestic threat and conduct the majority of criminal activity linked to OMGs, especially activity relating to drug-trafficking and, more specifically, to cross-border drug smuggling.

What does 7 mean in the biker world? ›

The number 7 can stand for either their faith or spiritual connection to the universe. Finally, the number 7 can symbolize the uniqueness and originality the biker community is so proud of.

Who is the biggest 1% MC club? ›

In the United States and Canada, the Hells Angels are incorporated as the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation. Common nicknames for the club are the "H.A.", "Red & White", "HAMC", and "81". With a membership of over 6,000, and 467 charters in 59 countries, the HAMC is the largest "outlaw" motorcycle club in the world.

What does 13 mean to bikers? ›

However, interpretations of the "13" can vary across different motorcycle clubs. In certain circles, it may represent the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, "M," associated with "Motorcycle" or "Marijuana."

What is a 0% biker? ›

The club's motto is, "Death is my sidekick and the highway is my home." A "0%" diamond is worn in place of the traditional "1%" which all outlaw organizations use to separate themselves from the other 99% of law abiding motorcycle riders.

What happens if you wear a 1% patch? ›

If true one-percenters see you wearing their patch, they could recognize you as an impostor or a member of a rival club.

Why do bikers nod sideways? ›

The nod or wave is used as a way to greet other riders when you pass them on the road.

What motorcycle club is 22? ›

Vagos Motorcycle Club
Abbreviation22, Green Nation
TypeOutlaw motorcycle club
RegionSerbia,Western United States, northern Mexico, Canada, and Europe
Membership3,000-4,000 full-patch members
1 more row

What is the number 22 stand for? ›

Number 22 signifies that you have the strength to not only withstand life's adversities but also to transform them into opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development. By trusting your inner voice and following your spiritual path, you can increase your spiritual awareness and find inner peace.

What does the 22 patch mean? ›

22 - Patch indicating someone who has done time in prison. Also, the 22nd letter of the alphabet, V, and used by the Vagos MC, usually a horizontal diamond-shaped green patch with a red 22.


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