Monster Hunter World: Canteen system (2024)

The canteen system can be daunting and to some extend it is, but let me break it down for you lads and ‘laddetes’.

Monster Hunter World: Canteen system (2)

The canteen system is not the most important system in the game, but it will really make a difference for you. Just like how the radial system is not needed to be good at the game, but it will make it easier for you in so many different ways.

Monster Hunter World: Canteen system (3)

First and foremost we eat for skills. Some skills are very invaluable for us when it comes to our eating. Just as a side note; I will not name all the skills you can get through eating, but i will mention some.

Do note that skills are not guaranteed. There are ways to increase the chance all the way up to 100%. Be sure to look at the “Fresh foods” and “Other information” part of this article to see how.

Skills comes from the rows of food you eat. Notice the symbols on the left side in the image. Depending on how much you eat of one category you will achieve different skills. The food group you are in does not matter,

There is a set of skills that come from Meats, Fish and Vegitibles:

  • Red(Courage)
  • Blue(Resilience)
  • Orange(Vigor)
  • Purple(Acumen)
  • Yellow(Artillery).

There is a set of skills that come from Alcohols:

  • Gold(Fortune)
  • Green(Perception).
  • Red(Preperation).
  • Light Green(Trailblazer).

There are 3 levels of skills you can get from one category.

  • Level 1: eating 2 pieces
  • Level 2: eating 4 pieces
  • Level 3: eating 6 pieces

So for example, I am a Insect Glaive user and i do enjoy mounting the monster. So i try to get the second skill of the red category. Which is Felyne Rider(Makes it easier to mount). So i will usually grab 4 from the red category. The type of food(Meats, fish, vegetables) does not matter as long as it is 4 read foods.

As for other weapons here is a short list of cool skills to get, but be sure to check the Wiki:

Bowguns/Bows: First level of Yellow(Artillery) will get you Felyne Sharpshooter, which will give you increased power of normal shots and normal arrows.

Hammer: Third level of red(Courage) will give you Felyne Slugger, which increases your stun damage.

Gun lance/Bowguns: Second Level of Yellow(Artillery) which will give you Felyne Bombardier, increases damage with ballista, sticky ammo and gunlance shells.

Abnormal status effect builds: Third level of Purple(Acumen) will give you Felyne specialist, which increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.

Monster Hunter World: Canteen system (4)

So for stats, the food group is what counts. For every two you eat of one food group, you will receive one buff. Two will give you a small buff, four will give you a medium buff and 6 will give you a large buff. All of these will give you stamina too. It’s pretty straight forward. Eat the food group that helps you.

Meats: Attack
Fish: Defense
Vegetables: Elemental Resistances
Alcohol: Does nothing

So back to my example with the Insect Glaive user. I want damage, i want my helicoptering to do as much as possible. So i try to eat 6 meats, 4 of them being in the red skill to unlock that mounting skill.

If it’s a though fight, you might want some elemental resist or defense.

Monster Hunter World: Canteen system (5)

Daily skills are poorly named. These does not change every day, but rather every mission. So be sure to always check them out. Whenever you add one skill by eating for it, you will overwrite one of these daily skills, so be sure to know what is good for you. As for an example, I’d rather have Felyne Insurance than mounting power. So if the first daily skill is insurance, i will just eat without getting any skills, be sure to check the Wiki to see what skills the dailies are.

Monster Hunter World: Canteen system (6)

Fresh foods are the ‘glowy’ foods and are chosen randomly every time you make a food. They do two things for you if you pick them.

First of all they will increase the chance of getting the skills you are eating for(activation chance, shown in the picture).

Secondly it will increase your health.

If you can get some fresh foods in to increase the chance of your skills to pop, that is optimal. The health is nice, but mostly we eat a Max potion when we join the mission anyway so we get max health anyway. If you’re at a stage of the game where you cant craft or get Max potions, you might want to eat for food or just use the “Chefs platter” preset that the game offers you.

These are there for a different reason. Alcohols job is to mainly be utility. While Meats/fish/vegetables are there for stats and damage/defense/mobility skills. Alcohols job is mainly loot. Alcohol has skills that will give you more rewards, more money, gathering points re-spawn faster, and so on.

I mainly use these when I’m farming an easy monster for some parts. Get level three of the Gold(fortune) in alcohols and you sometimes increase the number of reward items received.

It’s not awfully helpful, but will make things quicker for you if you’re smart about it.

So for other information i will speed through some things

Voucher: Will make the food free(except the voucher)

Gourmet Voucher: Will make the food free(except the voucher) and all the foods will be fresh foods.

General Tips

  • Eat for skills and stats, don't care about health. Just eat a max potion at the beginning of a hunt.
  • Unlock all the foods if you haven't already.
  • If you join a friends session and he has foods that you haven't unlocked yet, they will be available for you.
  • If you’re going up to a really hard fight, use a gourmet voucher to ensure the skills.
  • You can save custom platters if you just go to the left in the presets. So create something you often use and just quickly eat that. If you want you can edit it and pick the fresh stuff when you can.
  • Be sure to look at the wiki for what skills would match your weapon and play style.
Monster Hunter World: Canteen system (2024)


Should I unlock all ingredients in MHW? ›

They are worth it. The more higher end ingredients you have determines the amount of health/stamina you get, also the chances of skills activating.

Can you run out of ingredients in MHW? ›

Sometimes the Chef's Choice won't appear on the list, but this isn't because you don't have the ingredients, it means not enough ingredients are "fresh" which is random each time you come back to town from a quest or expedition. It usually only happens early on when you don't have many ingredients.

How to get Gajalaka? ›

To get started, you must have unlocked High Rank, and have completed every prior Grimalkyne quest in Low Rank. From there, you can interact with Gajalaka markings on walls. These act just like Grimalykne doodles, but instead of a gauge, you will start a Bounty to find a total of 10 across all areas.

What weapons do the most damage in Monster Hunter World? ›

Great Swords are the heavy hitters, capable of dishing out the most damage possible. With their long range and high damage, these weapons are good for knocking down big foes or obliterating little ones. It's great for players who want to make their hits count.

Can you permanently increase your health in Monster Hunter World? ›

You can either wear armor with the Health boost skill, eat fresh foods before each quest, or bring Mega Nutrients to each quest and drink a few before you start. But nothing will increase it permanently. edit: (also Max potions or Ancient potions will max your health bar out until you faint or complete the quest.)

Can you get banned for using cheat engine in MHW? ›

you do not get banned for using that. Oh I am never going to play with others while doing it. But, I know the game, I've been playing Monster Hunter since MHFU on PSP, and put roughly 400 hours into MHW alone, so it's not like me skipping content now will affect my end game performance.

How long does it take to 100% MHW? ›

If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 407 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How to get lucky cat mhw? ›

You will need all 12 drinks unlocked to get the skills. Once you have them, make custom meals in the favorite section of the canteen to always have these at hand. For Felyne Carver (hi) you will need all 6 green drinks, and for Felyne Lucky Cat all 6 golden drinks.

How many canteen ingredients are in MHW? ›

Custom Platter. Custom Platters allow hunters to choose their own ingredients for their meals from the four main food groups: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, and Beverages. All six ingredient slots must be filled in order to make a complete meal.

Can you get the clutch claw without Iceborne? ›

It is recommended to purchase the Iceborne expansion when starting or continuing the game, as it unlocks new content and features like the Clutch Claw, which greatly enhances combat abilities.

How do I upgrade my MHR canteen? ›

Expanding the Canteen (Tea Shop)

Expanding the canteen is as important as upgrading your hunter. You will miss out on a lot of skills you can grant on top of your equipment! To expand the Dango list make sure to talk to Yomogi the Chef or Azuki the Cook and complete their quests which give out Bunny Dango unlocks.

How to guarantee food skills MHW? ›

While you can select which skill you want, they only have a certain probability to be activated. The more fresh ingredients are used, the higher are the odds skills will activate. (Red Stars) Vouchers and Gourmet Vouchers can guarantee food skills for you and everyone in your session.

How does canteen work in MHW? ›

The Canteen allows players to order take-out food Items to be used later when in the field. Meal effects will wear off if you faint during a quest or expedition. They will also wear off once you complete, fail, or withdraw from a quest or expedition. After eating a meal you will be unable to eat again for 10 minutes.

How do you get more tempered monster investigations? ›

Each time you break a part, or pick up a track left behind by the monster you're hunting, you'll have a chance to unlock a new tempered investigation.


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